Jamaica – Grand Prairie

The following collections consist of Hickory and Walnut in handsculpted or smooth textures. Featuring a 4 ¾ inch to 5 inch width and 3 to 5 ply construction with an HDF Core. The Jamaica Collection is fitted with Valinge G2 drop and lock system allowing for fast and accurate installation on all grades.

The Grand Prairie collection is a beautiful 5 inch wide handscraped hickory floor. It features 3 ply construction with a HDF Core, and is fitted with a tongue and groove system, allowing for installation in a staple, glue or float application on all grades..

The Jamaica and Grand Prairie collections come with a 50 year Residential and Limited Lifetime Structural warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • Jamaica Grand Prairie Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Jamaica: 5 ply construction, HDF Core, Valinge drop n lock system
    Grand Prairie: 3 ply construction, HDF Core, T&G system

  • Jamaica – Maple, Birch, Walnut & Hickory
    Grand Prairie: – Hickory

  • Jamaica Collection: 127mm (5″)
    Grand Prairie: 125mm (4.92″)

  • Jamaica Collection: 1.5mm
    Grand Prairie 1.5mm

  • Jamaica Collection: 12mm (1/2″)
    Grand Prairie 10.5mm (7/16″)

  • Jamaica Collection: Random 305mm (1 ft) to 1,200mm (3.9 ft)
    Grand Prairie Random 305mm (1 ft) to 1,210mm (3.9 ft)

  • 8 coats UV Cured urethane, 2 coats of Aluminium Oxide
    Jamaica Collection: Distressed handscraped
    Grand Prairie Subtle handscrape

  • 50 Year Limited Residential Wear & Lifetime Limited Structural Integrity Warranty

  • Jamaica Collection: Float on, above, or below grade.
    Grand Prairie Float, staple or glue on, above or below grade.
    Radiant Heat Systems
    The following species as listed are acceptable over hydronic radiant systems only within compliance of the NWFA guidelines.
    Jamaica Collection:
    Walnut – Natural
    Hickory: Natural: not Approved
    Grand Prairie Collection:
    Hickory: Not Approved

  • Jamaica Collection:
     Walnut: Natural
     Hickory: Natural: not Approved
    Grand Prairie Collection:
    Hickory: Light Truffle

More Information

The patterns and colour variations created in a living tree are, like all of nature, never repeated. Remember that your newly installed floor will vary from samples or pictures in brochures. One cannot expect uniformity from hardwood. Accept instead, all of a hardwoods beautiful natural variations.

This product is manufactured in accordance with industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. The defects may be of any type, whether manufactured or natural.