Solid Surface

The Solid Surface Collection by DANSK Hardwood – an environmentally friendly hardwood flooring alternative that combines the full wear layer of a 3/4” solid hardwood, with the stability & installation versatility of an engineered platform. Exoticwoods, a hand scraped Walnut in 3 colors (The Natural in both a hand scraped and a flat finish) and 2 stains…all in a 5 inch width as well as 2 additional colors in hand scraped Hickory. The Solid Surface engineered platform has a tongue and groove system lending to installation in nail, glue or float over all levels of your home. The core is a multi cross layered plywood giving the stability of an engineered hardwood floor while the 4.5mm top is comparable to a Solid. One floor, best of both worlds.

Technical Specifications

  • Exoticwoods (Walnut and Hickory)

  • 3/4 inch Engineered with T&G System
    Exoticwoods in a smooth finish.
    Handscraped – Exoticwoods (Walnut & Hickory)

  • Walnut & Hickory

  • 127mm (5″) & 90mm (3.5″) Walnut 127mm (5″) only
    Traditional: 82.55mm (3.25″)

  • 18mm Nominal (3/4″)

  • Random: 400mm (1.3ft) 1700mm (5.5ft)
    Traditional: Random: 400mm (1.3ft) 1200mm (47.25”)

  • 9 Coats of Treffert finish with anti-scratch top coating

  • 25 Year Limited Residential Wear, Lifetime Limited Structural Integrity Warranty

  • Float, Nail, Glue, Cleat on, above or below grade
    Float / Glue – Approved over hydronic radiant heat, in compliance with NWFA radiant heat installation guidelines.

  • Exoticwoods – Walnut Handscraped: Bronze, Cocoa & Natural
    Exoticwoods – Hickory Handscraped: Sand & Natural

Exoticwoods – Walnut Handscraped

Exoticwoods – Hickory

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