Whistler by Dansk reflects the natural beauty and rugged elegance of the majestic Coastal Mountain Range. Various finishing techniques are combined to enhance the natural grain & texture of the wood. ‘ Whistler’ features a palette of wide width, single strip oak flooring, from soft, muted shades to vibrant, dramatic tones.

Environmentally Friendly

In a traditional solid hardwood floor, most of the premium wood is wasted below the re-finishable wear layer. ‘Whistler’ uses premium hardwood only for the wear layer, conserving our hardwood forests.

True Hand Crafted Styling

The individual boards are chiseled, scraped & brushed by hand. Each colour is unique, employing various combinations of enhanced staining, natural smoking & brushing. The finish is selected to compliment the natural hues of the colour. Refer to the accompanying chart for maintenance and care.

Greater Stability

Whistlers 3 layer, cross ply construction helps control the natural movement of the wood through seasonal changes. The cross ply structure is more stable than traditional wood floors and less affected by changes in humidity and temperature. This also allows for installation on any grade, over concrete or wood subfloors. Installation over hydronic radiant heat is approved within NWFA guidelines.

Flexible Installation

Installation method: Nail, staple, glue or float as to NWFA standards. All Dansk Hardwood flooring requires a stable environment where humidity levels must be maintained between 30% and 50% RH.

Indoor Air Quality

Meets E0 standard with no added formaldehyde.

Technical Specifications

  • Whistler

  • 3 Ply Engineered

  • Oak

  • 189mm (7.50″)

  • 15mm (19/32″)

  • 4mm

  • 600 mm to 1860 mm (24.8″ to 72″ RL)

  • Each finish is unique as listed below
    Raw Umber: Water Based Oil
    Butterscotch: UV Cured Urethane
    Warm Clay: Natural Oil
    Coastal Sand: Natural Oil
    Oyster Shell: UV Cured Urethane
    Satchel Brown: Natural Oil
    Rustic Taupe: UV Cured Urethane
    Misty Grey: UV Cured Urethane
    Sandlot: UV Cured Urethane

  • 25 Year Limited Residential & Lifetime Structural

  • Nail, Staple, Glue or Float on, above or below grade. Approved over hydronic radiant heat systems within compliance of the NWFA guidelines.

  • Raw Umber, Butterscotch, Warm Clay, Coastal Sand, Oyster Shell, Satchel Brown, Rustic Taupe, Misty Grey, Sandlot

More Information

  • For Installation Instructions, please see our Installation Guides.
  • For Moulding Profiles compatible with this collection, see our Moulding Profiles.
  • For Maintenance and Care on Whistler Oiled Finishes, see this PDF.
  • For Maintenance and Care on Whistler UV Cured Urethane Finishes, see Maintenance and Care of your floor

The patterns and colour variations created in a living tree are, like all of nature, never repeated. Remember that your newly installed floor will vary from samples or pictures in brochures. One cannot expect uniformity from hardwood. Accept instead, all of a hardwoods beautiful natural variations.

This product is manufactured in accordance with industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. The defects may be of any type, whether manufactured or natural.