Maintenance & Care

Your Hardwood floor by Dansk is made to last a lifetime, through proper maintenance and care you can ensure it’s continued beauty and appearance. Please read the following


  • Hardwood flooring is living and breathing long after it has comes from the tree, therefore controlling the humidity level in your home is very important.
  • The best way to do this is with a thermal hygrometer, these can be purchased in a variety of units. The intention is to have the ability to read the humidity level in your home at anytime of any season.
  • Dansk Hardwood floors remain stable between 30% and 50% humidity. Less than 30% (dry climates) will cause wood to contract and shrink. As a result, gaps between boards will occur, and cracking can occur in severe circumstances.
  • Hardwood floors living in relative humidity excess of 50% will take on moisture and will expand, causing overwood.


  • Use a vacuum with a felt or brush head (without a beater bar) dust mop or sweep once a week or more if needed. A swivel head mop with a terry cloth attachment is recommended.
  • When required use a recommended wood floor cleaner (such as Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Cleaner, following manufacturers instructions) to clean your floor. Once a week is generally sufficient.
  • Never use a wet mop or wet/steam based mop or Swiffer. Vinegar and water is not recommended.
  • Never wax a pre finished floor.
  • Never use any cleaning products other than those recommended for Hardwood and Laminate floors. These cleaning products should be purchased through the recommendation of your retailer.
  • Never use cleaners containing any forms of oil.
  • Factory finishes are produced to last many years of normal living, this includes the gloss level. By using products other than Hardwood and Laminate cleaners may have an adverse reaction with your finish and would not be covered by warranty.

For Maintenance and Care on Dansk Oiled Finish products, see this PDF.

NOTE: Jasper Smokey Ash: Please refer to the Maintenance and Care as described on this page for material purchased March 2017 and newer. For material purchased prior to March 2017 please refer to Maintenance and Care on Dansk Oiled Finish products, see this PDF.

Jasper Sand Dune: Please refer to the Maintenance and Care as described on this page for material purchased December 2015 and newer. For material purchased prior to December 2015 please refer to Maintenance and Care on Dansk Oiled Finish products, see this PDF.


  • Place walk off mats on the interior and exterior of doorway entrances, this will help trap dirt and grit from entering into your home. Additionally, mats in front of kitchen sinks, and high traffic areas are helpful. The backer should be a breathable material to prevent trapping moisture.
  • Never use scouring products.
  • Felt pads should be placed under the legs of all chairs and furniture in contact with the surface to prevent scuffing and scratching.
  • Any furniture needed to be moved should be lifted. Do not slide furniture over the floor.
  • Cleats, sports shoes and high heels can dent any floor surface; these types of shoes should be removed and left at the doorway.
  • Pets nails should be trimmed regularly to ensure scratching is reduced.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately with a soft moist cloth, starting at the edges of the spill and working your way toward the center. Immediately dry with a soft dry cloth.

Do & Don’ts with Hardwood Floors

DO: Sweep your floors regularly. Invest in a broom that features soft, fine bristles to trap dust and dirt. Dust mops can also be helpful in keeping dirt, dust, and grit under control.

DO: Move your area carpets or throw rugs occasionally to maintain a uniform appearance in the floor’s finish.

DO: Use non-marking barrel rubber casters instead of plastic or metal for office chairs.

DO: Be aware that high heels can dent a hardwood floor; leave them at the door.

DON’T: Let water stand on your floor, this may cause cupping or other damage.

DON’T: Damp mop your floor, this includes a slightly damp mop.

DON’T: Attempt to replace boards or any other types of repairs without seeking the advice and help of a professional; you may void your warranty.

Care & Maintenance PDF