DANSK Hardwood Maintenance & Flooring Warranty

Thank you for selecting a DANSK Hardwood floor. DANSK Hardwood flooring is carefully selected for its natural beauty, uniqueness, and individual characteristics. The forest is the heart of the earth and DANSK Hardwood is committed to sourcing trees from carefully managed forests.

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Maintenance & Care

Your Hardwood floor by Dansk is made to last a lifetime, through proper maintenance and care you can ensure its continued beauty and appearance. Please read the following:


  • Hardwood flooring is living and breathing long after it has comes from the tree, therefore controlling the humidity level in your home is very important.
  • The best way to do this is with a thermal hygrometer, these can be purchased in a variety of units. The intention is to have the ability to read the humidity level in your home at anytime of any season.
  • Dansk Hardwood floors remain stable between 30% and 50% humidity. Less than 30% (dry climates) will cause wood to contract and shrink. As a result, gaps between boards will occur, and cracking can occur in severe circumstances.


For Maintenance and Care on Whistler Oiled Finishes, see this pdf.

  • Use a vacuum with a felt or brush head (without a beater bar) dust mop or sweep once a week or more if needed. A swivel head mop with a terry cloth attachment is recommended.
  • When required, use a recommended wood floor cleaner (such as Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Cleaner, following manufacturer’s instructions) to clean your floor. Once a week is generally sufficient.
  • Never use a wet mop or wet/steam based mop or Swifter. Vinegar and water is not recommended.
  • Never wax a pre finished floor.
  • Do not use wax, oil-based detergents or other household cleaning agents on your floors, since these products may dull or damage finish, leave a greasy film that makes floors slippery, make maintenance more difficult. Any of these products may cause finish damage and void you warranty.


  • Place walk off mats on the interior and exterior of doorway entrances, this will help trap dirt and grit from entering into your home. Additionally, mats in front of kitchen sinks, and high traffic areas are helpful. The backer should be a breathable material to prevent trapping moisture.
  • Never use scouring products.
  • Felt pads should be placed under the legs of all chairs and furniture in contact with the surface to prevent scuffing and scratching.
  • Any furniture needed to be moved should be lifted, do not slide furniture over the floor. Should furniture be too heavy, place reversed walk off mats under the legs and slide furniture into place.
  • Cleats, sports shoes and high heels can dent any floor surface; these types of shoes should be removed and left at the doorway.
  • Pets nails should be trimmed regularly to ensure scratching is reduced.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately with a soft moist cloth, starting at the edges of the spill and working your way toward the center. Immediately dry with a soft dry cloth.

Do’s & Don’ts with Hardwood Floors

DO: Sweep your floors regularly. Invest in a broom that features soft, fine bristles to trap dust and dirt. Dust mops can also be helpful in keeping dirt, dust, and grit under control.

DO: Move your area carpets or throw rugs occasionally to maintain a uniform appearance in the floor’s finish.

DO: Use non-marking barrel rubber casters instead of plastic or metal for office chairs.

DO: Be aware that high heels can dent a hardwood floor; leave them at the door.

DON’T: Let water stand on your floor, this may cause cupping or other damage.

DON’T: Damp mop your floor, this includes a slightly damp mop.

DON’T: Attempt to replace boards or any other types of repairs without seeking the advice and help of a professional; you may void your warranty.

Care & Maintenance PDF

Wear Layer Warranty

DANSK Hardwood flooring warrants to the original purchaser in the original installation that: We warrant that the finish of the floor will not wear off or delaminate from the floor under normal residential use for a period of 25 years (Jamaica, Scottsdale & Grand Prairie has a 50 year residential warranty) when the proper control of the residential environment according to the DANSK Hardwood Installation Instructions, Installation Guides, and maintenance and atmospheric conditions are observed and maintained. Mechanical, chemical, or other modification of the finish, such as sanding or abrading, voids this warranty.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

DANSK Hardwood warrants that the covered products, in their original manufactured condition, will be free from defects in grading, lamination and assembly for as long as you (the original purchaser) own the floor in the original installation if it is installed and maintained according to the DANSK Hardwood Installation and Maintenance guidelines.

This Limited Warranty is subject to the following:

  • This Limited Warranty is not transferable and is valid only to the original purchaser at the original installation site.
  • The floor must be installed in indoor residential areas in accordance with the DANSK Hardwood Installation Instructions

Professional Installation Guidelines

  • The floor must be maintained according to DANSK Hardwood Floor Care Maintenance Guidelines.
  • Radiant Heat – Where acceptable species apply DANSK Hardwood Engineered hardwood floors are only acceptable for installation over hydronic radiant heated floors in which the maximum fluid temperature within any point of the circulatory system shall not exceed 85 degrees F (28 degrees C) at the subfloor. Solid hardwood floors are not to be installed over radiant heat floor systems.
  • Relative Air Humidity must be in the range of 35 – 55% with a room temperature range from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Should the relative air humidity go below 35%, small cracks (checking), delaminating and/or cupping may occur and is not warranted.
  • We warrant that the covered products are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit grading deficiencies not to exceed 5% over the entire floor. You or your installer should carefully inspect the products before installation for any milling, dimension or visual defects. The installer must use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut off pieces with deficiencies. Since wood is a natural product, there will be natural variations in color, tone and grain that are not covered by our warranties.

Pre-Inspection Requirements

It is the responsibility of the installer/homeowner to inspect each plank prior to installation. Our product is guaranteed to be within industry accepted grading standards and free of manufacturing defects prior to installation. Hardwood flooring contains natural wood characteristics such as knots, cracks, color variation, mineral streaks, pinholes, etc. These are considered normal grade characteristics and are not considered defects; if you find a characteristic objectionable, simply have your installer cut it out during the installation process. DANSK Hardwood flooring is manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards which permit a grade/manufacturing defect tolerance not to exceed 5%. DANSK Hardwood flooring accepts no responsibility or liability for the cost of product or labor when planks containing visible defects of any kind have been installed.

Exclusions of Warranty

The Limited Warranties do not cover conditions caused by improper use or maintenance, such as: (see Care and Maintenance Guidelines)

  1. Reduction in gloss, marks, scuffs, scratches, gouges, dents or cuts, including, without limitation, those caused by pets.
  2. Damage caused by negligence, accidents, misuse, or abuse (i.e., dragging object across the floor without proper protection).
  3. Wear caused by pebbles, sand or other abrasives, construction traffic, or failure to maintain the floor as required (see Care and Maintenance Guidelines).
  4. Damage caused by caster wheels or vacuum cleaner beater bars.
  5. Failure to support furniture with floor protectors that at least one inch in diameter, made of non-staining felt or non-pigmented hard plastic, rest flat on the floor and are replaced regularly
  6. Improper or unauthorized alterations or repairs to the original manufactured product and or any damage caused by any footwear.
  7. Floors damaged by subfloor moisture or water damage, including without limitation, due to broken or leaking water pipes, flooding, wet-mopping spills or weather conditions.
  8. Splits, cracks, grain raising, checking, edge fracturing, splintering or chipping that occurs during or after the floor has been installed and as a result of abuse, misuse, improper maintenance or care, exposure to excessive moisture or improper environmental conditions (i.e., low or high humidity) are not covered by these warranties. The use of a humidifier/dehumidifier may be necessary to maintain the proper humidity level between 30%-50%.
  9. Damage due to installation, transportation, storage, handling, maintenance, or any other cause is not warranted and evidence of damage due to any of the above will invalidate this warranty.
  10. Wet rooms (bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.) are not covered by this warranty.
  11. Changes in color due to aging, excessive moisture, exposure to sunlight or Ultra Violet rays is not considered a defect. Area rugs should be moved occasionally, as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloration under the rug.
  12. Natural wood characteristics such as variations in grain, color, mineral streaks, knots, normal differences between color of samples and the color of installed floors, and color variations from board to board are not considered defects; therefore no warranty shall apply.
  13. Noises including, but not limited to, squeaks, popping, etc.
  14. This DANSK Hardwood flooring warranty follows industry standards as expressed in the NWFA guidelines that allows for a 5% defect allowance in manufacturing defects and grading as it applies to the structural warranty and visible defects.
  15. DANSK is not responsible for improper installation.
  16. Installation defects, including installations made: (i) in violation of applicable state or local housing or building codes, or (ii) contrary to written instructions furnished with the product.
  17. Construction or installation-related damage.
  18. Natural expansion and contraction resulting in separation between boards or damage caused by low or excessive humidity.
  19. A product deformity that is not measurable or that is visible only under certain light or from a certain angle is not considered a defect and is therefore not covered by these warranties. Visible defects should be evaluated by their visibility from a standing position in normal lighting.
  20. Deficiencies related to subfloor/floor joist assemblies, subfloor preparation materials, and fasteners including, but not limited to, uneven subfloor surfaces, floor deflection or voids in the subfloor.
  21. Color variations between flooring and/or samples and other flooring or wood products, which you wish to match (e.g., cabinets, stair railings, trim, etc.).
  22. Color, shade, or texture variations between samples, printed color photography or replacement flooring and the actual material.
  23. Damage caused by fire, flooding, and other natural disasters and Acts of God.
  24. Products sold “AS IS.”
  25. Floors that are installed in other than owner-occupied or tenant-occupied residences.

Warranty Claims

  • If the manufacturer or their agents accept a claim under this warranty, it will repair or replace at its option the affected material with the same product or another product of equal value. The sole remedy herein is the repair or replacement of defective products.
  • This warranty covers the cost of materials only and does not include labor or any other related costs.
  • Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, use or inability to use this product or any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. However, some states or provinces may not allow the exclusions of incidental or consequential damages, therefore this exclusion may not apply to you.
  • This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that vary from state to state or province to province.
  • This warranty must be registered at the place of purchase within ninety (90) days from completion of installation.
  • All claims must be made in writing within thirty (30) days after the defect has been detected and mailed to the place of purchase.
  • Any party that commits to floor repair/maintenance without the consent of DANSK will be required to be responsible for the job. Any unauthorized floor replacement or repair does not place any burden on the manufacturer.
  • All settlements will be accompanied by a waiver signed by all parties involved.

Claim Concerns

It is our intention to provide you with the best in quality and value, should you have concerns please contact your retailer. They will ensure to address any issues and contact us as necessary.

Dansk Hardwood Warranties

  • Residential Warranty Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Monterey 25 Years
  • Mt. Shasta 25 Years
  • New York 25 Years
  • Character 25 Years
  • Monterey

    Residential Warranty 25 Years Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Mt. Shasta

    Residential Warranty 25 Years Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty